Don’t Miss Our 2nd Annual Job Fair!

The MLCC Job Fair, open to all local employers and interested applicants, is slated for Saturday, March 14, 2020 from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Celebration Place at the Donegal Days Inn. Organizers hope local residents and visitors will take advantage of the opportunity to learn about the variety of exciting employment opportunities available throughout the Laurel Highlands.

“We are excited to bring another job fair to the area this year,” said Kris Enberg, MLCC Executive Director. “This is one of the many projects the MLCC has planned for this year to benefit our local communities.”

For companies looking to hire quality employees, and individuals seeking to broaden their employment experience, a local job fair is the ideal way to meet the needs of both employers and potential employees. The event offers the opportunity to touch base with dozens of potential employers and learn about the positions offered within their companies. Businesses also have to opportunity to network with each other during the event.

Job fair attendees will have the opportunity to network, which builds relationships that are critical for success. It is the ideal opportunity to ask questions about positions and internships available and learn about job requirements.

Experts advise those who attend a job fair to wear professional interview attire to make a good first impression, introduce themselves with a strong handshake and prepare an introductory pitch as to why they are the perfect candidate for the job (emphasizing experience and accomplishments).

Making a positive first impression will greatly increase the likelihood of hearing back from potential employers.

Additional hints and tips relating to job fair success include knowing a bit about the employers who will be attending the job fair, and having plenty of resumes on hand.