We Ask Petite Feet Pet Care, “What Is Pet Sitting?”

Petite Feet Pet Care

What is “pet sitting”?

Mylyssa Wilson, owner and pack leader of Petite Feet Pet Care, has heard that question countless times over the last 10+ years in business in Westmoreland County. “Pet sitting, in a nutshell, is the perfect alternative to boarding or kennels”, she explains. “Pets stay at home with all of their own beds, bowls, toys, familiar sights and sounds, and have their very own ‘BFF’ come to play one-on-one. In the world of a dog or cat, what could be better? It’s the complete opposite of what pets experience in a kennel environment. Plus, it’s safer and healthier for the pet and most convenient for the owner.”

Petite Feet Pet Care visits the pet‘s home to provide care for all their needs – from food & fresh water, medications, walks & playtime to belly scratches, cuddles and plenty of love.

Who could benefit from having a pet sitter?

“Everyone!” Mylyssa laughs, “But, honestly, anyone with a pet can reap the benefits of having their own pet sitter. Many people think pet sitting is only for vacations, but we do so much more than that! For instance, Mylyssa explains that new puppy parents have raved about Petite Feet Pet Care’s services to help with house and obedience training, and ill or injured pet owners rely on Petite Feet to take care of their pets when they are physically unable to do so themselves.

Did we mention that they even have a certified Veterinary Technician on staff? That means that owners with ill pets or pets with special needs can fully relax knowing that their pets really are in the best of hands, second only to them.

Complete, genuine peace of mind is truly the most unique service that we offer.
– Mylyssa Wilson, Owner of Petite Feet Pet Care

How does it work?

Petite Feet Pet Care offers daily dog walking & pet sitting visits, vacation care, overnight stays, 24/7 and long-term care, farm & barn care, medication administration (including injections), and more. They care for animals of all species, breeds and sizes, have nearly 20 years of professional experience with animals, and are BONDED & INSURED.

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